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Boosting wellbeing with scientific evidence

Awareness is the stepping stone to more conscious cultures.

Using a rigorous scientific approach, I conduct research to help policymakers and organisations to understand the wellbeing of their citizens and employees. This research generates insights about how people feel and potential causes and consequences. Some of the methods include:

Behavioural and cognitive tests


Psychometric tests

Qualitative interviews

Learning the science behind wellbeing helps people to live an empowered life.

I deliver talks and workshops and teach courses about science-based tactics that can make people's lives happier, stress-free, less painful, and more meaningful. This toolkit helps people to master their own wellbeing and be ready to tackle any challenge. 
Here's the training offer:

The foundations of wellbeing

Wellbeing for policymakers

The behavioural science of wellbeing

Wellbeing at work

Solving challenges effectively is key in times of constant change.

Using behavioural insights, I design interventions to solve wellbeing challenges like high stress and lack of belonging at work. These behavioural techniques help to create more engaged, connected, and flourishing cultures. 

Behavioural interventions for wellbeing at work

Behavioural interventions for citizens' wellbeing


These services can be tailored to your needs to achieve more effective results. 

I have delivered talks, taught courses, or worked with the following organisations 

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