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Macchia, L. (2023). It’s not how much money you earn that affects physical pain. SPSP Character & Context Blog. [Article]

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Macchia, L. (2023). Rising physical pain is linked to more ‘Deaths of Despair.’ Scientific American. [Article]

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Macchia, L. (2022). The link between recessions and physical pain. Harvard Business Review. [Article]

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Whillans, A., Giurge, L.M., Macchia, L., & Yemiscigil, A. (2020). Why a Covid-19 world feels both tiring and hopeful for college students. Harvard Business Review[Article]

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Soto Mota, P.I., Macchia, L., & Gómez, M. (2020). Building trust to face the COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries. Behavioral Scientist. [Article]

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Gómez, M., & Macchia, L. (2020). The importance of trust in government. Contribution to Dispatches from the Behavioral Scientists fighting Coronavirus in the Global South. Behavioral Scientist. [Article]

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Macchia, L., Plagnol, A.C., & Powdthavee, N. (2019). Why do people tolerate income inequality? Harvard Business Review. [Article]

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Macchia, L. (2019). Happiness after graduation. Thrive Global. [Article]

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Macchia, L., & Plagnol, A.C. (2018). Life ratings and trust in institutions in South America. Gallup. [Article]

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